Learn how to earn passive income with crypto staking!


See how easy it is to earn daily rewards on XREX!

Feature Comparison: XREX Rewards vs DeFi Staking

Key Highlights: What you can do with XREX EARN

Stake Crypto

Stake your USDT with XREX Rewards or DeFi to earn while your investments sit idle

Earn Rewards

Up to 9% APR on XREX Rewards and up to 7.5% on DeFi, with more staking options coming soon!

Join Clubs

Earn more together! Reap the benefits of group rewards by staking together and earning a better APR!


Now you can stake on XREX itself through XREX Rewards, with more benefits and better incentives!

XREX Rewards: Safer & Simpler Access to CeFi

Mitigated risk 

XREX protects and guarantees your initial staked crypto

Daily Rewards 

No more waiting for monthly payouts, rewards are paid daily!

No Lock-in

Freedom and flexibility to redeem your staked crypto at any time

Variable Monthly APR

Earn a consistent and stable reward rate throughout any given month

Zero Redemption Fees

No fee charged for stake redemption unlike most other projects


Available on both desktop and mobile app platforms

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